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Leading Medical Journals Toughen Requirements for Publication

It may come as a shock to lay people that corporations have taken over the publication of medical studies in medical journals that show their products in the most advantageous light. They would write journal articles showing good results with their products and then pay physicians to publish these articles under their names to lend credibility. It's about time that the leading medical journals are finally putting an end to the practice of "ghost written" articles and studies and that scientific standards are being utilized once again.

The world's top-tier medical journals took a strong stand last month, announcing they would publish data only from registered clinical trials. Clinical trial registry has been an APA goal for several years.

Leading Medical Journals Toughen Requirements for Publication -- Rosack 39 (20): 2 -- Psychiatric News


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Yeah, I think that's the right thing to do, to toughen the requirements.

James Ferris

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