US Birth Rate for Young Teens Lowest Since 1946
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Red states have much higher teen birth rates than blue states

As promised in my previous article I have been working on my analysis of teen pregancy rates by state and compared them to the red state, blue state electoral votes in the Presidential election in 2004. The pundits claim the the voters who voted for Bush did so because of "values". However, if the behavior of the people who live in these states is any indication of what they value, it makes one wonder because what they say they value and what they do are quite at odds.

For example, divorce rates are higher in red states than blue states even though they passed resolutions banning gay marriage because they supposedly want to protect marriage which they don't practice.

Another indicator we might take a look at is teen pregnancy rates, and I predicted that teen pregnancy rates would be higher in red states than they are in blue states and I found this to be overwhelmingly true. So, it makes one wonder whether these folks "walk" the "talk". It doesn't appear that they do. And while they rail against the northeastern  and west coast "liberals", it appears when you look at the data that these "liberals" do walk the talk.

So, I found in my analysis that the first 16 states with the highest teen birth rates are red states with Mississippi leading the way with 64.7 teen births per 1,000 followed by Texas with 64.4 births per 1,000.

Nine out of ten the states with the lowest teen birth rates were blue states led by New Hampshire with a rate of 20.0 per 1,000 more than 2/3rds less than Mississippi and Massachusetts with a rate of 23.3 per 1,000. Clearly the "liberal states do much better on this indicator and other indicators of "family values" such as divorce rates than red states.

So, it appears when you look at the facts that there is a tremendous amount of hypocrisy in the United States because when you look at what people do, how they lead their lives, and the practices they engage in, it appears that people who live in blue states are more stable in their family and personal lives as indicated by divorce rates and teen birth rates.

I am going to be looking at other indicators to obtain further insight into the behavioral health of people in the United States. It is my hope that people will stop listening to the sound bites and the rhetoric of the demogogues and start to think critically and truthfully about the issues that affect their lives.

Link: Kaiser 50 State Comparisons: Teen Birth Rate, 2002.



I do believe that your conclusions are flawed in the fact that you have merely assumed what you call "the facts" to be true.
Have you researched abortion rates in red compared to blue states? If you were to do that, you may find that there were more teen childbirths in the red states because more teens in the blue states got an abortion. Maybe the blue states have a higher rate of contreception use.
Or have you researched the prevelance of co-habitation in red compared to blue states? There you may find that more people in the red states have held to traditional views and have gotten married, whereas more people in the blue states have strayed from traditional values and merely cohabitate. If people in the red states tend to get married more than the people in the blue states, of course there would be a higher rate of divorce.
You criticize people in the red states for being hypocrites of the "values" they say they uphold, but are you not doing the same thing by making assumptions based on limited research?
Even if you do go through all the extensive research it would take to prove a point like this, the fact will still remain that people are sinful, both in the red and blue states. People are not perfect, and they are going to make mistakes and sometimes not uphold the values they hold to be true. The only person who ever lived that was beyond hypocracy is Jesus Christ, so measure "values" and "judgements" against him instead of red and blue states full of sinful people.


Well...Marriage itself is less popular in Texas than in Massachusetts. In Texas, the percent of people unmarried is 32.4 percent; in Massachusetts, it's 26.8 percent. So even with a higher marriage rate, Massachusetts manages a divorce rate almost half of its "conservative" rival.

john faux

Another point that is missing from this article is the fact that the blue states have large Roman Catholic populations. Divorce is not permitted for Catholics and so they must enroll in a marriage prep course several months prior to a wedding. The divorce rate for Catholics is far below the national average. The North Eastern U.S is more Catholic than the rest of the USA, that is the biggest reason for the lower divorce rate, not liberal values.

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