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I do believe that your conclusions are flawed in the fact that you have merely assumed what you call "the facts" to be true.
Have you researched abortion rates in red compared to blue states? If you were to do that, you may find that there were more teen childbirths in the red states because more teens in the blue states got an abortion. Maybe the blue states have a higher rate of contreception use.
Or have you researched the prevelance of co-habitation in red compared to blue states? There you may find that more people in the red states have held to traditional views and have gotten married, whereas more people in the blue states have strayed from traditional values and merely cohabitate. If people in the red states tend to get married more than the people in the blue states, of course there would be a higher rate of divorce.
You criticize people in the red states for being hypocrites of the "values" they say they uphold, but are you not doing the same thing by making assumptions based on limited research?
Even if you do go through all the extensive research it would take to prove a point like this, the fact will still remain that people are sinful, both in the red and blue states. People are not perfect, and they are going to make mistakes and sometimes not uphold the values they hold to be true. The only person who ever lived that was beyond hypocracy is Jesus Christ, so measure "values" and "judgements" against him instead of red and blue states full of sinful people.


Well...Marriage itself is less popular in Texas than in Massachusetts. In Texas, the percent of people unmarried is 32.4 percent; in Massachusetts, it's 26.8 percent. So even with a higher marriage rate, Massachusetts manages a divorce rate almost half of its "conservative" rival.

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Another point that is missing from this article is the fact that the blue states have large Roman Catholic populations. Divorce is not permitted for Catholics and so they must enroll in a marriage prep course several months prior to a wedding. The divorce rate for Catholics is far below the national average. The North Eastern U.S is more Catholic than the rest of the USA, that is the biggest reason for the lower divorce rate, not liberal values.

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