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The article you cited plays fast and loose with the facts. The Defense Manpower Data Center found that 6.8% of women and 1.8% of men have experienced "unwanted sexual contact" in their most recent survey.

The high percentages cited by Representative Jane Harman were from a single study of women entering treatment at a Women's Clinic that specialized in PTSD treatment. It would be expected that a large percentage of women would have been sexually assaulted in that sample because they were referred there for treatment of that condition.

Nevertheless, rape is a horrible thing and the military has a lot of new programs to help victims and prevent the crime. It is not a pretty picture, but there are a lot of people working hard to turn the situation around. Unfortunately, poorly informed politicians like Jane Harman and MIke Turner (Ohio) are trying to get re-elected on the shoulders of military rape victims. Watch their attention shift once the election year is over.


Its very shocking to read.

How can the americans rape their fellows??

Military must provide brothels to them!

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The solders has to care of their fellows but the cases shows that they are not caring for their fellow girls, so how can they care other womens on the fields??

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Terible it's hardly a strong enough word. How can you go fight in a war when you are afraid of your own brother in arms?

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