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Freud said that the components of good mental health are the ability to love and to work.

Kathrine Gordy Levine who developed Emotional Fitness Training which was mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago has long been a proponent of saying that one of the core disciplines of Emotional Fitness is service to others. In Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 stepping is giving back the recovery which we have been given.

So, I will be mentioning from time to time neat ways that I have come across of being of service to the community and the world. These posts will be collected under the category of "service".

Check out Backpack Nation founded by San Francisco cab driver, Brad Newsham.

The basic mission and strategy of Backpack Nation is to transform the world's dire political situation by sending individual travelers from the developed countries to serve as roving ambassadors to the world's less-wealthy countries.

Each ambassadorship will be funded with $20,000. Half of the money - $10,000 - will pay for the ambassador's travel expenses for a trip of between 100 days and one year. Each ambassador will design his or her own itinerary, but must stick to the Third World as much as possible. At trip's end, each ambassador will be required to tell Backpack Nation how and where to deliver the other $10,000 - to what compelling situation that he or she has encountered - an individual, family, organization, or village somewhere in the Third World.

Click on the link below to learn more. Maybe, you 'd like to make a donation. Maybe you would like to apply to be an ambassador yourself.

Backpack Nation - Brad Newsham


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