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Bad dreams? Want to talk about it?

As a therapist, I was never much into dream analysis. I am willing to talk about it if the client wants to, but I don't think that dreams have any special or esoteric meaning that is worth spending a lot of time analyzing.

I put dreams in one of three categories: wish fullfilment, problem solving, and/or mastery of fear.

Simply put, if I am dieting I dream of food all night. If I am horney, I have sexual dreams. These types of dreams are wish fullfilment.

Second, if I have some dilemna weighing on me, I will dream, often symbolically, of some sort of problem solving scenarios. I chew on it all night long. I sometimes wake up more tired than when I went to sleep, because I have been working hard in my dreams, thinking about and trying to solve my problems.

Third, if I have fears, I will dream about them and try to get away or fight them to prevail over them, the classic flight or fight coping mechanisms.

I find that talking about our dreams in our conscious mind, usually leads to a decrease in the dreaming in our unconscious mind. So if you want your dreams to fade and dissipate, talk about them with someone, and they probably will go away in pretty short order.

That's it. I guess we could make more out of it, but my waking life is more than enough to keep me occupied, I don't have to analyze my dreams to keep me amused during the day time. Dreaming at night is enough.

In case you want to talk about your dreams and have no one to talk to, the Association For The Study Of Dreams runs a 24 hour hotline you can call. N i g h t m a r e H o t l i n e : 1- 866 - DRMS911.

Sweet dreams.

The Association for the Study of Dreams


Steven Brown

Last night I dreamed that I was inside a very huge church holding a Very Very LARGE cross, the cross was so big that it can touch the ceilling. The last thing I remembered is that I've seen a little boy that had a broken leg and a broken arm and he was holding a wooden shotgun and I heard two people saying "Is it a girl? Yes it is a girl" and I heard a gun shot and I look at the boy and it seems that the boy fired the gun. So I rushed up the stairs to see who it was and I just seen my Cousin Tasha sitting against the wall with some white stuff behind her like blood. So I just walked up to her and she just looked at me like a soulless person and then I found myself at an attic and it seems like i was in the little boys body but can't control it. The boy called her "Sugar". and then I woke up. So don't think that I need help or anything, it just happens like a warning for the future or something. So if you have a dream like that or something, just think to yourself "What does this mean?" or "Is something going to happen?" cause you'll never know until it is to late. I hope you all can understand. I'm only 17 so don't think that im a doctor cause im not. Thanks for hearing me out. Email me if you have any questions.

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