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Interdependence Day is on September 12th.

It is easy to say that war is hell and that we want peace.

Of course, who doesn't?

But how do we create peace? As human beings our amygdala's (the reptile part of our brains) want to kill when threatened. Can we override the instinctual tendencies to strike back and work constructively to resolve conflicts?

In our information age, it becomes increasingly apparent how interdependent we all are on Planet Earth. Isn't it time that we learned better how to share and play nice? It would be better for all our mental healths.

September 12th has been designated Interdependence Day.

Go to the web site linked below, read the declaration, and if you agree sign it.

Tell others about it, and find some way to reach out to someone you have had a disagreement or conflict with and listen to them. See where it takes you. You don't have to agree. You don't have to do anything further other than to understand where they are coming from.

Jesus said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." What was it that they thought they were doing? Probably trying to protect their own turf even if it is as simple as the need to be right. It is interesting, though, how often, when people are given the chance to talk, that they can talk their way out of their own nonsense and gain a greater perspective.

Our quote today says that traveling is better than education.

Traveling is not necessarily a geographical activity. It also can be exploring different cultures, different religions, different art, different food, different music, different parenting styles, etc., etc., etc.

Traveling opens whole new worlds and contributes to peace.

Travel today to a world different from yours with a spirit of curiosity and see what happens. It can be as simple as making up with your life partner if you have been at odds. Listen to what (s)he thinks and feels. What do they want to have happen, and how, why, when, where?

CivWorld Interdependence Day Website


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