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DEAD BY SUNSET, the book

Probably no author writes better true crime books than Ann Rule. I am not a big fan of this genre, but every few years I read one of these type of books just to remind myself what some people are capable of. I first read Rule when I read her book Small Sacrifices which is a story about a woman who kills her children because she believes they are interferring with her relationship with her boyfriend.

In Dead by Sunset, Rule tells the story of Brad Cunningham, a psychopathic fellow, who kills his wife, Cheryl Keeton. If you would like to see what the mind and behavior of a psychopath look like this is a great example.

Brad was married five times, very successful Real Estate developer and banker, enjoyed a very hedonistic life style, was extremely charming and talked five women into falling in love and marrying him whom he then exploited financially, sexually, and emotionally.

As a therapist, I am still at a loss to understand what makes people like Brad Cunningham tick. Rule does a great job describing his functioning and the havoc he wreaks in the lives of others.

I recommend this book. Books: DEAD BY SUNSET : DEAD BY SUNSET


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