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Farenheit 9/11, the film

farenheit_911I loved Farenheit 9/11.

Michael Moore is one of the most courageous people in America today. He takes on the President, and his administration, and some of the richest people in the world. He shows how the rich exploit the poor to get richer. They do it by pandering to people's fear. They wage war and kill people for political power and money.

There is no good reason for the United States to be waging an immoral more in Iraq. The Pope and most of the world agrees.

The fact that so many good Americans could be duped into this fiasco on false pretenses as they grieved the loss of their fellow Americans in 9/11 is finally coming to light and it is making many people very uncomfortable. People don't like to admit that they have been played for fools and that they were wrong in supporting a misguided and immoral foreign policy. Meanwhile, the real trouble makers and criminals go their merry way.

The thing that inflames people against Michael Moore is their fundamentalist interpretation of patriotism. It reminds me of the Viet Nam era all over again when the protesters were told by the rabid chauvinists "to love it or leave it", and "better dead than red".

Turns out the whole domino theory of the world falling to communism was wrong and 58,000 of my fellow Americans died in that war. You would have thought that Bush and his buddies would have learned the lesson, but history is repeating itself and Moore has the guts to read between the lines and tell a story that leaves the open minded viewer with the idea that there is much more going on here with this war in Iraq than meets the eye.

Michael Moore says that he made this movie because he doesn't want to see Bush re-elected. I think our nation and the world would be much more mentally healthy without Bush in the White House.

The delusions that have fueled a disasterous policy such as the belief in WMD, nuclear weapons, links to Al Queda, and freeing the world for democracy have persisted in this administration. It is time for saner heads to take over. Hopefully, the American voters are sane enough to recognize craziness when they see it, and vote for change.

The technical definition of a delusion in psychiatry is a "fixed false belief". In other words the delusional person persists in their belief in spite of new information which contradicts the belief. President Bush and his administration continue to insist that the grounds they used for the basis of this war continue to be true in spite of the facts that contradict them. The world knows better and is furious with us as well they should be.The American people owe it to their brothers and sisters around the world to be honest with them even if their elected representatives won't. This administration has continually and persistently lied about why it has chosen to kill people for peace and freedom. As they say, "Ya either laugh or cry", and Michael Moore will have you doing a little of both.

I highly recommend this movie.



"Fixed false belief" is absolutely right.

And it's catastrophic when combined with both zealotry and power. BushCo is not leaving. (Check out my post "It’s My Ball Now, and I’m Not Giving It Back!")

(Great blog by the way!)

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