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High co-morbidity between nictoine dependence and gambling

bingoWhile the prevalence rate for smoking in New York State is 23 %, there are studies which show that the rate of smoking for people with problems with alcohol is 80%, people with Schizoprhenia 85%, people with depressive disorders 65%, and now a study reported in the June 23, 2004 issue of WAGER, a weekly newletter dealing with gambling problems published by the Harvard Medical School suggests that there is a very high association between gambling and smoking.

This is interesting in light of a recent development in Genesee County, NY where a waiver was granted to a local volunteer fire department from having to comply with the New York State Expanded Indoor Clean Act Act so that they could have smoking at their bingo games. Apparently, attendance at bingo had dropped off significantly when smoking was not allowed.

It appears that there is a very high co-morbidity between smoking and addictive behaviors whether the addiction is to chemicals or behaviors like gambling.

The Wager 9(25): What’s Underneath? The Role of Negative Affect in the Tobacco/Gambling Link


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