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People with Co-Occurring Disorders Overlook Treatment Needs

"A report from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) finds that the majority of individuals with both serious mental illness and addictions don't realize that they need treatment for either or both conditions.

According to the "Adults with Co-Occurring Serious Mental Illness and a Substance Use Disorder" report, 52 percent of the four million adults with co-occurring disorders failed to receive mental health or addiction treatment during the past year. Only 12 percent received treatment for both problems, while 34 percent received treatment for mental disorders, and only 2 percent received addiction treatment.

The report showed that 61 percent of those diagnosed with mental illness and an addiction didn't go for treatment because they believed it wasn't needed."

I sometimes tell my clients, "You're not nuts if you know you're nuts. The problem is if you are nuts and don't know it."

People who are nuts and don't know it wind up usually arrested, visited by child protective services, fired from a job, shunned by neighbors, suspended from school, etc. Our society has ways of dealing with deviant behavior that falls outside the realm of health care services.

As our quote of the day today from Karl Menninger says, "Mental health is the ability to maintain an even tongue, an alert intelligence, socially considerate behavior, and a happy disposition." How many people do you know who would measure up to this standard? I know that I don't always, but when I don't measure up, I usually know it, or when others point it out, I listen to the feedback and consider it.

I don't know what it means when 61% of the four million people with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders didn't go for treatment because they didn't think they needed it. Perhaps ignorance and/or denial is bliss until problems get you into trouble and then perhaps you would have wished you had known. In the substance abuse field this is called "hitting bottom."

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living. How many people do you know that live examined lives?

I have a friend who was an assistance district attorney for a while in a rural county. He told me that he and the District Attorney had decided to revamp the penal code and instead of having violations, misdemeanors, and various levels of felonies, they would simplify the whole penal code and only have three categories: stupid one, stupid two, and stupid three. We laughed together as he told me this story, but as I have gone on with life and hear about the trouble people get themselves into, I think he and the DA had it right.
People with Co-Occurring Disorders Overlook Treatment Needs


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