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Food service training program, Farestart, gives people second chance

In the July/August, 2004 issue of Hope magazine there is an interesting short article about Farestart in Seattle Washington which runs a restaurant, a catering business, and contract meal preparation using homeless and unemployed people not only to produce nutritious food for people but also to train poor, unemployed people many with psychiatric and substance abuse problems for the food service industry.

I was especially interested in this because we had done the same thing at The Health Association in Rochester, NY when I worked there in the 90s. We had opened the Journey Cafe which served primarily lunches in a restaurant used as a training site for people in recovery. I left the HA in 99 and I understand that they since have closed The Journey Cafe, but I was saddened at its demise because I always thought it had great potential. So I was very excited to see that a similar program is flourishing and doing well on the other side of the country.



JoAnna of the 'Tribe

It's encouraging to see someone helping people get jobs, even if it's in food service, one of the lowest paying industries. I'm doing my part in Phoenix by teaching free MS Word and Excel classes to women in need. With this knowledge, they can get better jobs and less likely to go back on welfare. I'm also the first person in Arizona and one of the first in the US to be a living non-directed kidney donor. I also have MPD/DID. Fun, huh?

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