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Quote of the day

And This Too Shall Pass

Priests molest the children and their bishops cover it up for fear

Enron collapses and the million dollar executives claim they didn’t know

Physicians getting sued for millions for babies born defective

Why not sue Mother Nature?

Where is the Pope when the 35 year old man is having nightmares?

Stock owners will work in their retirement

What is the human condition?

Who is in charge anyway?

To whom do I complain when things run amuck?

It is deep within myself that I turn for comfort when the world is in chaos

Life goes on, the sun comes up and it goes down.

The universe continues to unfold.

My being dead or alive it will go on,

And this too shall pass.

It was Rumi who said something like

"I will meet you out beyond the fields of right and wrong."


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