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Lithium May Curb Gambling in Manic-depressives

It is interesting to me that this report on Reuters of a study in the January, 2005 issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry says that lithium may help compulsive gamblers with a history of bi-polar disorder. I have never thought about this before and it is just in time for a grant submission we are making at GCASA to New York State OASAS for funding for a treatment program for compulsive gamblers.

It seems in this small study that treatment with lithium helped decrease the symptoms of compulsive gambling for some of these patients.

It raises the issue that there may be sub-sets of pathological gamblers and a differential diagnosis may have implications for differential treatment as well.
Link: MedlinePlus: Lithium May Curb Gambling in Manic-depressives.


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