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Standing on Fishes, the film

Standing On Fishes, an independent film released in theaters in 1999 and on video in 2004 is the story about young adults in their late 20s trying to find their way in love, life, and work.

Caleb is a sculptor caught between making art and making a living. He has been living in a relationship for five years with his politically correct, precise, girlfriend, Erica, who seems to have a need to analyse and comment on everything. Caleb's best friend and employee, Jason, gets a girl pregnant in a one night stand, and after she has an abortion decides that his life has no meaning, and he has to find himself by going to Alaska to work on a fishing cannery vessel so he can have "new experiences".

Caleb rents his guest house to a dreamy, childlike, artist, Camille, who, while trying to comfort him by kissing and petting, is discovered by Erica who confronts Caleb about their relationship, and their frank discussion leads to Caleb finally telling Erica that he thinks they would be better friends than lovers.

I found the movie entertaining, thought provoking, and attempting to describe realities about life and love deeper than its more superficial gloss.

I liked this movie and recommend it.

Link: Standing on Fishes (1999).


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