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The Safety of Objects, the film

The_safety_of_objects The Safety Of Objects, released in 2001, is the story about four families who, for various psychological and spiritual reasons, are unhappy.

This movie could only be about people in a first world country where all creature comforts have been met, because all of the four families appear to be doing OK financially. They live in comfortable houses, drive nice cars, have plenty to eat.

The problems these families deal with are more problems of the spirit.

"A series of overlapping stories about four suburban families dealing with different maladies. Esther Gold's (Close) life is consumed by caring for her comatose son; Jim Train (Mulroney) is sent into a tailspin when he's passed over for a promotion; Annette Jenning's (Clarkson) family is struggling in the wake of her divorce; Helen Christianson (Place) is determined to shake up her mundane life."

This movie reminded me of Mother Theresa's comment that while America may be the richest country on earth, spiritually it is the poorest.

This movie is edited so that the stories are interspersed and quickly shift from one family to another so the movie is engaging and moves fast. It kind of comes together in the end but is not very emotionally satisfying, and in keeping with the themes depicted in this movie, leaves the viewer thinking and feeling that neither is life.

If you like thought provoking drama's about the angst of middle class life in America, I recommend this movie to you.

Link: The Safety of Objects (2001).


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