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Connecticut Executes Serial Killer

Connecticut has executed the first death row inmate in all of New England in 45 years. He was a Cornell graduate, a former insurance agent, and 45 years old having been on death row for most of the last 18 years.

The inmate, Michael Ross, was convicted for killing 4 young women, and he confessed to killing four more.

Mr. Ross said that he wanted to die and refused to participate in any more appeals. Because of his desire to die, many critics believed that he was suicidal and incompetent. Mr. Ross said that he wanted to bring closure for the families he had harmed in killing their relative.

This execution raises again the whole question of offender accountability and whether the best justice is retributive, killing justice? I personally don't see how the state killing offeneders teaches the members of society the lesson that killing is wrong. It is like spanking a child for hitting a sibling.

Link: Connecticut Executes Serial Killer - Yahoo! News.


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