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Weapons of mass destruction found in Afghanistan: Opium

Weapons Of Mass Destruction have been found in Afghanistan and it is known as opium sold in the United States as heroin. It destroys individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities. It strikes terror in the hearts of anyone who has to deal with an addict without their fix.

"We met the smuggler in Kandahar in the lawless lands of southern Afghanistan. As we drove to his house he pointed out gaudy new mansions with neo-classical pillars that dotted his neighbourhood.

They were built with drug money, the smuggler said.

At his home he showed us a 10kg (22lbs) vat of liquid opium. A heavy, organic scent filled the room.

"I have one ton of dry opium buried in a desert area close to the Iranian border," he said.

It was made clear that it would not be safe for us to reveal his identity."

To learn more about this lucrative business click on the BBC link below.

Link: BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | Meeting an Afghan drugs smuggler.


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