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Boomers drug use in 1960s on increase in boomer's 60s

I remember making jokes about grandma and grandpa getting into "their cups" and about their drinking wine, beer, and whiskey. It was cute.

"Let them have their fun they are going to die soon anyway."

"They have so little else to enjoy, their drinks won't hurt them."

Our society has been very tolerant of alcohol abuse by older people and drug abuse as well.

The boomers are turning sixty next year and there are signs that generational habits have not died out, but the drug use of the 1960s may carry on into the boomers sixties. The pun IS intended.

While there has been a slight decrease in the abuse of alcohol, there has been an increase in opiates. Where's my Vicodin?

Link: Drug Abuse, Misuse Increasing Among Americans Aged 50 and Older -- Moran 40 (12): 21 -- Psychiatric News.


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