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Levity, the film

Levity Levity is about Manual Jordan's (Billy Bob Thornton) life after he gets out of prison after 23 years. Manual, as a teenager, killed Abner Easley, a convience store clerk, in a hold up. The movie continually asks the question "Is there any redemption after such an act?" Manual tends to think not, but he is willing to try to redeem himself and in the process runs into some interesting characters such as Miles Evans (Morgan Freeman) a phoney store front preacher, Adele Easley (Holly Hunter), Abner's sister, and Sofia Mellinger (Kirsten Dunst) a spoiled young woman who is the daughter of an over the hill singer.

This movie doesn't have much of a plot and has no clear answers. It does not tie things up in the end in any neat packages. It is more a splice of life, a stream of consciousness, a study in the suffering of life which begs for some explanation so we can make some meaning out of it.

Is there redemption after tragic sin? Is absolution available? Maybe yes, maybe no. Watch the movie and you decide.

I recommend this film.

Link: Levity (2003).


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