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National Incompetence Staring Us Right In The Face Like The Eye Of A Hurricane

It’s been quite a week. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama. New Orleans, being below sea level, was flooded when the levee holding back Lake Ponchatrain broke. The Federal government did nothing and poor people, without resources, died and suffered.

It makes you wonder about governmental incompetence. Is our government really there to help us, or is it to oversee and enrich itself off the market economy? We decided to do our own research and so we asked some of our more opinionated citizens.

Elmer Sandbagger said, “The problem with Americans is that they want their government to solve all their problems. What’s George Bush suppose to do about a hurricane? People using the brains that God gave them, got out of town like they were told to do. It’s not Bush’s fault if people didn’t follow the government’s advice.”

Jennifer Golddigger opined, “I flew out on the first flight I could catch to New York City. I have been having a swell time even going to a couple of broadway shows until this thing blows over. (Do you like my pun?) We’ve been staying at the Waldorf and they have treated us like royalty. I even get bonus points on my credit card. It’s terrible what’s happening to those poor people who couldn’t get out of the city, but they were warned, so what more can I say? I loved seeing Laura Bush down there visiting the shelter right at lunch time. She’s such a fine first lady.”

Roy Christian said, “This is God’s wrath for the southern decadence festival that was scheduled to begin on August 31st. Those homosexual perverts bring in people from all over the world to celebrate their homosexuality. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah down there, and this is what they get. This city has been known for the celebration of sin and filth such as Girls Gone Wild, Mardi Gras, and Southern Decadence. It says in Matthew 5: 45 that God “sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust". What is happening is biblical in its proportions, and I am glad the President has been slow to respond to give these people time to think about their sinning ways and repent.”

Ted Marketer seemed a little taken back and at a loss for words, but finally uttered, “This is one hell of a marketing opportunity for everyone but the current administration. Think of the money and jobs that will be needed for rebuilding. Nobody will be out of work now. Of course, how the government in Washington and Baton Rouge and New Orleans spins their incompetence will be interesting. Dead bodies floating in 4 feet of water in city streets is hard to put a positive face on. It seems apparent that the market economy let us down because it doesn’t do well when the public health and safety are at peril. People with resources survive while people without resources suffer and die, but then, that’s the Darwinian notion of the survival of the fittest. It’s an example of dog eat dog, but that seems to be the values that our economy and politics is built on, and the people support it. They elected these idiots and seem to support their policies.”

Huey Bourgois said, “Why don’t they help us?! My mother died in the attic on Friday, after waiting four days for help. My wife took our baby up to her mother’s when we knew the hurricane was coming, but I couldn’t leave my disabled mother. I don’t know how they are doing. I haven’t heard.”

Richard Landsman said, “This disaster was entirely predictable. We have known this was going to happen for over a decade. We have advocated for resources to fix the potential problems from Washington, but they had other plans like war in Iraq. As a matter of fact, President Bush cut funds for the reinforcing of the levees from the budget just last year. Nobody in a position of leadership can legitimately act surprised about this. This national tragedy was entirely and accurately predicted and yet our leaders did nothing. It is a failure of will not of knowledge. There was no money in it, and no votes, and so nothing was done, and now the whole nation will suffer because of incompetence and hubris.”

And that’s the way it’s been this week where a natural disaster bigger than anything this nation has ever seen has struck with devastation that was entirely predictable, and the government was caught with its pants down, if not deliberately refusing to respond. We, at Markham’s Behavioral Health, worry about the future of our country  which is in the hands of such incompetent leadership whom we all elected and put into place, and stares us in the face like the eye of the hugest hurricane we have ever seen in our nation's history.


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