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Improving the lives of people with Alzheimer's

On the Commonwealth Fund web site there is an interesting article about an activity which can be used in group settings with patients with Alzheimers involving a story telling activity.

"TimeSlips is a simple and inexpensive group storytelling technique that allows nursing home residents with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia to express themselves without relying on failing memories and deteriorating language skills. It has been shown to successfully engage residents, improve their ability to communicate, and gives them an opportunity to have fun and laugh. The technique also appears to improve relationships between nursing home residents and their caregivers."

The benefits of such a program are described in the article:

"A study of the TimeSlips method applied in one nursing home found that, over a period of weeks, residents' verbal communication skills improved, their depression lessened, and caregiving staff gained a better understanding of ADRD residents."

For more information click on the link below.

Link: Fund Digest> November/December 2005> November 17, 2005.


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