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Thanksgiving courtesy of Panhala

Joe Riley does a great job at Panhala with his beautiful pictures and lovely poetry. He outdoes himself this Thanksgiving with this beautiful slide show and Cherokee hymm. I highly recomend it.

It's been a hard year for so many around the world, but for most of us, there is much for which to be thankful.  There is a part of every day to savor.
This bonus track is a way for me to express my thanks.  It is simply a slide show of pretty pictures to remind me of the beauty that is there to be seen.  The music is "Cherokee Morning Song" by Walela, sung in the original language.  It translates, roughly, as "I am of the Great Spirit/We are all of the Great Spirit/It is so/It is so" -- trust me, it sounds better in Cherokee....
If you're interested:


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