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Is the Meth 'Epidemic' Real?

Is the Meth Epidemic real? Depends where you live.

Join Together Online has an interesting article on its website dated 12/20/05 which you can access by clicking below.

As with most drug hype, it is hype. There is no epidemic, but there are problems in certain areas.

The drug problem in the US of A is alcohol and tobacco. As I repeatedly point out on this blog, 100,000 Americans die every year from alcohol and 430,000 Americans die from tobacco. Big difference between alcohol and tobacco and illegal drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, etc. is that alcohol and tobacco are taxed by the government and legally sold. Street drugs by comparison kill about 30,000 people, and the government makes no money from them.

The policy makers need to get real and wake up to the facts. There is no epidemic of meth killing even a smidgen of the people that alcohol and tobacco are killing. By comparison, methamphetamine is like farting in the hurricane of alcohol and tobacco.

Link: Is the Meth 'Epidemic' Real? | JoinTogether.org.


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