Supreme Court denies John B. Nixon, Sr. death sentence appeal
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Kelly's account of John B. Nixon, Sr.'s execution

Hey Dad.
I tried to post a follow-up comment today, but the Typepad software wouldn't let me. It accepted my sign-in, but won't let me post. Very odd. In any case, here's what I tried to post ...
Hi Dad.
I've done my journalistic duty and covered what I hope will be my first and last execution. Next time, someone else can handle the assignment. One execution is enough and too much for anyone. At least for me. Suffice it to say that it was a difficult, disturbing thing to witness. Something I won't soon forget, if I ever do.
One of the most terrible aspects of it for me was that Nixon's sister and niece were also witnesses. The eight media witnesses were randomly assigned to be in a viewing room with either the victim's family or the inmate's family. I was assigned to the inmate's family. So we stood there, the four of us, taking notes while this elderly woman watched her brother be strapped to a gurney and killed by the State of Mississippi. Just awful. And that's not to say Virginia Tucker didn't die a horrible death at the hands of John B. Nixon, just that there's nothing to be gained by killing her killer, and much to be lost.
The whole thing felt a little surreal -- like I was in a movie, and the director would yell "cut," and we'd all go have a snack or a smoke or something.  It's one of those occurrences where your brain can't quite process what your eyes are seeing. Or it just doesn't want to. In any case, I'm glad it's over. Hope I get assigned a feel-good story about a Toys for Tots drive or some damn thing tomorrow. I've could really use a palate cleanser.
Hope you're well.


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