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Why was I born?

Paul Pearsall, the psychoneuroimmunologist says that there are three important questions we all must deal with: Why was I born?, What is the purpose of my life?, and What happens to me when I die?

To those who would hear, there is a continuous call, subtle and quiet, to become the person the universe created us to become. Growth and development are continuous in life and our individual growth and development is not over until it is over. Until then, there is always something more to learn, to experience, to enjoy, to suffer.

The word "call", comes from the latin word "vocare" which literally means "to call". Vocare is the latin word from which we get our English word, "vocation" which refers to a calling from God.

What, reader, is your calling? Do you hear a call? Is there a gentle call to become more, to become whole, to seek peace, to return home?

The two most signficant events in a human being's life is that person's birth and death. All that happens in between is impermanent and full of joy and suffering. The "fall" is the awareness that we have lost our wholeness, our oneness with the all. We realize that our experience of our earthly existence is full of suffering, imperfection, weakness, disappointment, grief, as well as glimpses of the joy, abundance, happiness, and serenity of our true nature.

The poets and theologians have argued over whether human birth is fraught with "original sin" or "original blessing."

It seems clear to me that no matter how you want to look at it, we could not become the people we are were we not born and not engaged in this human experience called life.

Christopher Bamford has an essay called "The Gift Of The Call" which appeared in the Fall, 2004 issue of Parabola, and again in the "Best American Spiritual Writing of 2005".

His essay reads more like poetry and has started me thinking once again where I have come from and where I am going. I turn 60 on my next birthday on December 25, 2005, and I recognize that I am entering into the last phase of my life. I wonder about the meaning of it all. I feel that God has put me here for some purpose. That purpose is nothing big but rather just to become the best person that I can and to help make the world the best world that it can be. This is the call that I hear. It, indeed, has been a gift.


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