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Thlibertine_2 Yesterday I felt like going to the movies and the only theater out of the 18 that had a movie starting within an hour's time was the one showing The Libertine starring Johnny Depp. Ordinarily, I probably would have not chosen this movie to attend but I do like Johnny Depp and the movie was starting in 10 minutes.

In The Libertine, Johnny Depp plays the role of John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester, who wrote plays and carroused during the time of Charles II in England. John Wilmot is the biggest alcoholic and biggest lecher of the realm and proud of it. His excesses become legendary and he seems to revele in the idea that people despise him.

The movie is very dark both in its cinematic portrayal and its subject matter.

While the performances were extraordinary by Johnny Depp and his actress lover, Elizabeth Barry, played by Samantha Morton, the story itself is painful to watch without much socially redeeming value other than to depict the depravity to which human beings can sink. It is a historical movie about life in England in the 1600s, but in terms of its theme and content it reminds me of the modern day Leaving Las Vagas or Spun. I don't recommend The Libertine.

Link: The Libertine (2004).


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