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Big Brother Is Watching You, How About You Watching Big Brother?

The PBS show NOW had a great show last night, April 21, 2006, on Witness, a human rights program co-founded by singer, songwriter, musician, Peter Gabriel to film human rights abuses around the world.

After achieving fame as a singer, Gabriel helped set up Witness, a Brooklyn-based organization that trains human rights advocates to use video cameras, provided by the group, to document abuses around the world. Their motto: 'See it, film it, change it.'

The old saying is "Seeing is believing" and providing witness to situations of oppression, subjugation, injustice, and abuse is a first step in positive change. It seems that governments around the world are increasingly using video cameras to keep its populations under surveillance whether its on a city street, in stores, in schools, and on school buses. It seems that increasingly citizens are now documenting governmental abuse and malfeasance as often as criminal activity of citizens is being documented by government. And which is worse?

Click on the link below to visit the NOW web site to learn more about Witness.

Link: NOW. Politics & Economy. In Your Eyes | PBS.


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