Quote of the day
Quote of the day

Don't let your conditioning interfere with your awareness.

Schools are very good at conditioning but not so good at facilitating consciousness. Conditioning requires memorization, and consciousness requires insight and contextualization. Most institutions do not want its members to develop greater consciousness than its leaders and managers. These leaders and managers punish or discredit those members who would question their authority and undermine the obedience to their power and control. Therefore, institutions prefer "stupid" or unaware members and will deliberately take steps to keep their members "in the dark" so they can maintain control over them.

As people gain in consciousness they are more difficult to control by the powers that be and while the more conscious people have become liberated from the shackles and oppression of their own ignorance because they are no longer "in the dark" but rather, "have seen the light", they are open to punishment and control by those who want to maintain their control over the institution to have their way.

This fundamental difference between conditioning and awareness is not widely understood by most people and is not taught in schools, churches, corporations, or in other social institutions who require conditioned subjects for their survival. But it is perennially taught by religious traditions which have a mystical component, and it is also being discovered by science, especially in physics, where scientists observe that atomic particles respond and behave differently if they are being observed. It is as if they are aware that we are aware and we suddenly realize that the universe is all of one thing.

In the homeschooling community there is a wonderful slogan "Don't let schooling interfere with your education." We might modify that slogan to say "Don't let your conditioning interfere with your awareness"


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