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Adolf Hitler was right about some things


It never ceases to amaze me that half of the voters in the United States would elect a President like George W. Bush, a Vice President like Dick Cheney, both convicted DWI offenders, and that congress would roll over and play dead in allowing the Iraq war, tax cuts to the rich, and the other cockamamie policies that this Republican government has promulgated.

The explanation in my mind lies in the realm of the citizenry being manipulated by fear following 9/11 which led to them checking their brains at the door. It is pretty clear that most Americans no longer approve of this administration's performance with approval ratings hitting below 35% but it is too late now.

Adolph Hitler did a lot of bad things and promoted a lot of outrageous policies but he was wildly popular in his day and was an excellent politician. That observation should give the American public pause, and perhaps stimulate them to get their thinking caps back on their heads and be smarter when it comes to electing the politicians who represent them.


Roxanne Skirrow

i think that you are perfectly correct about America and the way their politicians think and behave. it is disgraceful that someome with such a small brain should have so much power.

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