The War on Torture: U.S. Policy Exposed
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Is President Bush lying to us about torture?

Torture_2 Is President Bush a liar? Many people recoil when they hear this word "liar" because it is a moral judgement. So let's ask the question a little differently. Has President Bush given the American people accurate information about his administration's use of torture? The answer is clearly "No" and there is plenty of evidence that the statements that President Bush has made to the American people are inaccurate and false.

For more information, go to the Amnesty International web site by clicking the link below and click on the link "learn more" under the paragraph entitled "Connecting the dots on torture". It will take you to a 60 second flash movie on current U.S. practice on torture. The Flash movie is entitled "connecting the dots".

Link: Home 2006 Denounce Torture Lobby Week.


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