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Manufacturing Scientific doubt to profit while disspoiling the public health

The July 4, 2006 program on A World Of Possibilities is entitled, "Manufacturing Doubt: Profits, Politics, and the Threat To the Integrity of Science" The program is available on line by clicking on the link below and it is very important for every American to listen to.

The Bush Administration has one of the worse records on its utilization of scientific knowledge and practices in formulating good policies. In fact some critics have called the Bush Administration "anti science" and there is strong evidence to support such conclusions.

It seems that we are living in an age where profits outweigh integrity in making policy decisions. And profits also allow corporations and ecnomomic interests to corrupt our polticians. This has been true in the pharmaceutical industry, in the environment, in reproductive rights, in stem cell research.

One of the ways that corporations stall or resist scientific knowledge which might go against their profit interest is to "manufacture doubt" in the scientific findings. If this were done with integrity and there were honest disagreement that would further science, but when it is done as a public relations ploy as the tobacco companies did for years claiming that tobacco was not addictive and did not cause cancer, millions of people are doomed to early deaths.

I highly recommend this show.

Link: "A World of Possibilities" Program Details.


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