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Is President Bush lying to us about torture?

The War on Torture: U.S. Policy Exposed

Iraqtorturedogsthumb On July 5, 2006 The National Radio Project's program, Making Contact, released its latest show, "The War On Torture: U.S. Policy exposed. Most of the 30 minute show is an overview of the law and policy that the Bush Administration uses to justify it's current policies on torture presented by Dr. David Luban, a professor of Law and Philosophy at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Here is the brief description of the show from the National Radio Project's web site.

Images of bloodied, naked and shackled men.. some stacked like cordwood on a cement floor... some hooded, standing on boxes with wires attached to their fingers. These are just some of the lasting images of detainees held by U.S. forces in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. The reports of suicides and hunger strikes by prisoners at Guantanamo Bay further remind us that a policy of torture, through deprivation and isolation, remains.

On this edition, is the U.S. practicing inexcusable torture or are these instances of overzealous intelligence gathering by a nation at war?

The policies which the Bush Administration have pursued regarding torture has made the United States a pariah around the world and has seriously tarnished the view of America as a civilized country which follows the rule of law.

This is a very important show and I encourage people to click on the link below and take the 30 minutes to listen to it.

Link: The War on Torture: U.S. Policy Exposed.


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