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Do parents care if their kids drink and drug? New survey says, "not enough of them do."

America's own home grown terrorists.

Most intelligent, thinking Americans are well aware by now that the so called "War On Terror" is a 1984 political strategy to manipulate the populice of the United States.

Easily forgotten is the other "war on terror" which Southern Whites perpetrated on African Americans and anyone else who would challenge their system of segregation. Today, August 21, Samuelbowers 2006 is the 8th anniversary of the conviction of Samuel Bowers in Hattisburg Mississippi, the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, an American organization committed to controling the population with terror, for the killing of Vernon Dahmer, a civil rights activist in 1966, by fire bombing his home. It took 32 years for the State of Mississippi to finally bring to justice this terrorist.

Dahmers_homeFor a more detailed description of the atrocity and the trial click on the link below to take you to an article written by Sandra Peters for United Methodist Women.

Link: 32 Years to Justice.


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