Overheard in Rochester Area - No pill, just chill
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Overheard in Rochester Area - Having response - ability

I overheard this in the waiting room at a substance abuse treatment clinic


First woman: “I talked to him about taking responsibility and telling his father he is sorry and asking how he can make it up to him.”

Second woman:” What did he say?”

First woman: “He said he was scared.”

Second woman: “Scare'd of what?

First woman “Scared his father wouldn’t love him any more I guess.”

Second woman: “Is he right, that his father wouldn’t love him any more?”

First woman: “Ya never know. His father can be a real idiot sometimes.”

Second woman: “Isn’t that what we all want, to be understood and loved?”

First woman: “I guess and when we don’t get it we shut down and terrible things start to happen for us.”

Second woman: “Like what?”

First woman: “Without love and understanding we hate life and become destructive each in our own way. My son will take up drinking and drugging just like my dad and will leave a whole bunch of wreakage in his wake like me.”

Second woman: “You’re not wreakage.”

First woman: “Not according to him.”

Second woman: “He’s a drunk!”

First woman: “And I married one and now have a son who is one.”

Second woman: “No hope?”

First woman: “Take responsibility and know who you are.”

Second woman: “Response – ability. Sounds like you are able to make some better responses.”

First woman: “Do you think??”

Second woman: “What were you trying to teach your son?”

First woman: “Yeah, you’ve got a point.”


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