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Overheard in the Rochester Area - The title requires curatives

Survey Overheard in a lawyer's office regarding a real estate transaction:

Paralegal: "The title on this property requires curatives."

Client: "What?"

Paralegal: "The title will need some curatives."

Client: "Curatives? What's a curative"?"

Paralegal: "Well, there must be some easement or right away or something."

Attorney: "There is a cloud on the title."

Client: "A cloud?"

Attorney: "Yes, I believe the chimney on the west side of the house is actually sitting on the neighbor's property since the house, itself, is right on the lot line, and the rain and snow from the eves of the roof fall on the neighbor's property. We're going to have to get a release from the owner of the neighboring property."

Client: "Why mix the metaphors? First we have 'curatives' which make me think the title is sick and that's a medical metaphor, and then we have 'clouds' on the title which is meteorlogical metaphor.

Attorney laughing: "Yeah well, you know legaleese."

Client: "It sounds to me like this whole business with curatives for the title which is sick is getting stormy because of the clouds. The stormy weather is making me sick."


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