US defense spending ruining our democracy
U.S. wartime prison network grows into legal vacuum for 14,000

Women Soldiers More at Risk for Stress Disorder

I was listening to a radio show last week when someone mentioned going to an anti-war ralley and seeing a placard which read, WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS: INVEST YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER. Cynical? True?

War_pictures Today I was listening to Progressive Radio's Matthew Rothchild interview Abbie Pickett, a female Marine who enlisted at age 17, and who was traumatized by her service in Iraq. The interview is well worth listening to. You can listen too by clicking on the link above. What are we doing to our younger generation?

Here is a brief article on the Newsweek web site about Abbie. Here is part of what it says:

Men and women are not created equal when it comes to PTSD. In general, men often seek solace for PTSD in a bottle, according to several studies. Substance abuse is higher among men than women with the disorder. Women tend to seek help. That could be one reason the rates of PTSD appear higher for women—they show up at the VA and, therefore, in the statistics. But another factor may be that many women soldiers have been victims of sexual abuse. Patricia Resick, director of the Women's Health Sciences Division of the VA’s National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, says that women who join the military are more likely to have family sexual abuse histories than women in civilian life. That may even drive some to join, Resick says.

Link: Women Soldiers More at Risk for Stress Disorder - Newsweek Health -


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