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Menstruation and masturbation should be illegal


According to Stuart Coleman at Daily Irreverence, menstruation should be illegal as well as masturbation.

Since there’s just as much “potential” for a single egg to come to term as an externally-fertilized embryo, logically we should ban menstruation as immoral. Women of the earth, lend me your eggs, I mean, ears! Every time you menstruate, you murder a potential child! You must stop this indiscriminant killing! Each egg is precious, it carries with it the potential to make a human, for all it needs is sperm! Indeed, every sperm is sacred, and male masturbation kills thousands of potential children, and should thusly be outlawed!

Go to Stuart's post clicking on the link above and be sure to watch the YouTube video which is amusing and cute.



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Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

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