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Give Peace A Chance

Overheard In The Rochester Area - Feast or Famine

Obese_woman 1st woman: “I’ve never told this to anyone before, but when we were kids growing up we never had enough to eat, and now I am over 300 lbs. And my cabinets and freezer are so stocked with food I can’t stuff any more in them.”

2nd woman: “I read this article and they called that food insecurity”.

1st woman: “Food insecurity?”

2nd woman: “Yea, it’s like feast or famine. You eat a lot when food is available to store up fat so you can survive when food is not available.”

1st woman: “Well, I’d live a long time in a famine.”

2nd woman: “But if the famine never comes the obesity will kill you.”

1st woman: “I know” and she started to cry


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