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Morning meditation - People above policy

What is a human life worth? Unfortunately, while many religions pay lip service to the idea that human life is sacred, they willingly kill people which they find unacceptable. More people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason. When the politicians get involved and claim that God is on their side and blesses their cause, the carnage is even worse.

The sixth tenant of ten of the Unitarian Universalists is " We believe in the worth and dignity of each human being. All people on earth have a equal claim to life, liberty, and justice, and no idea, ideal, or philosophy is superior to a single human life."

It is a refreshing idea that humans don't get to kill other humans while claiming it is God's work. I cringe when I hear our President fear monger, and then claim that the U.S. pre-emptive war in Iraq is to bring freedom and democracy to people who don't seem to want it, and then end his speech on war making with "and may God bless America" as if this justifies his murderous foreign policy.

Life is precious and should not be a bargaining chip for politicians and theologians. Religious leaders seem fond of condemning people to hell, and advocating for the extermination of people who don't agree with their beliefs.To say that the worth and dignity of every individual is more important than any theology, any ideology, any political policy is a remarkable, courageous, and heroic statement. Would that we could live up to it.


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