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Morning meditation - Would Jesus and Gandhi be Unitarian Universalists?

The eighth tenant of the theology of the Unitarian Universalists is "We believe in the motive force of love. The governing priniciple in human relationships is the principle of love, which always seeks the welfare of others and never seeks to hurt or destroy."

When I was teaching marriage and family for the Health Science department I remember the textbook said that there were five kinds of love: philia, eros, altruistic, platonic, and storge. In Rotary International a guiding prinicple is "Service above self." Love is one of those general words that refers to many things: I love green grass, an ice cream cone on a hot day, humankind, and I really love you.

In Christianity there is the reference to the Body of Christ meaning the whole fellowship of believers, but what about unbelievers? Are they a part of the Body of Christ as well without knowing it or even rejecting it? The Universalists believed that everyone goes to heaven, nobody goes to hell. A loving God does not consign people to eternal damnation and hellfire.

I personally believe in the eternal opportunity for redemption. I believe that people create their own hell, it is not an externally imposed punishment, but the result of ignorance and bad faith.

What does a church built on love look like? Jesus said, "Love as I have loved." Gandhi said he would convert to Christianity if he ever found a church that actually followed the teachings of Jesus. While not all UUs are Christian, UUs do believe in love and attempt to practice its applications. Do you suppose that Gandhi or Jesus would, if alive in this day, be Unitarian Universalists?


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