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Partying The BBC reports that there was a record number of abortions in the UK in January of 2005 because of all the unprotected sex that occurred during Christmas partying where the intoxicants were flowing. People often don't think of the date rape and poor judgement that is used due to substance abuse as resulting in sexual consequences like unwanted pregnancy and transmission of STDs.

Heavy Christmas drinking and partying, leading to unprotected sex, could be to blame for a record number of abortions last month, says a UK charity.

A total of 5,992 abortions were carried out at Marie Stopes International's nine UK clinics in January - a rise of 13% on the 5,304 in January 2005.

This is more in a month than at any time in the charity's 32-year history.

But pregnancy advice groups said the figures probably reflected poor access to contraceptive services.

To read the BBC report published on 02/08/07 click here.


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