U.S., Britain ranked last in child welfare
After Innocence, the film

Iraqi Children Go Untreated

Iraqi_injured_child The North Coast Cafe had an article posted on February 10, 2007 on the number of Iraqi children who have been killed since the war and who die because of lack of treatment.

The British newspaper The Independent recently ran a letter about the large numbers of Iraqi children dying in hospitals because of the lack of simple equipment and basic medicines that cost as little as $1.50. The letter is signed by over 100 doctors backed by a group of international lawyers. The group claims conditions in the hospitals in Iraq amount to a breach of the Geneva Convention which require Britain and the United States, as occupying forces, to protect human life.

As the President plans to surge, the Republicans block congressional debate, and the Democrats dither, the children die.

Link: North Coast Cafe: Iraqi Children Go Untreated.


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