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The Amish Of Nickel Mines, PA most inspiring person of 2006

The Amish of Nickel Mines, PA were choses the most inspiring person of 2006 by for their radical forgiveness of the man who killed 5 of the 10 children he shot in their school house.

With an act of radical forgiveness, a grieving community showed the world an alternative response to violence.

Would that our politicians and more of our fellow citizens could do the same, we would be living in quite a different country and world.

Link: beliefnet: Most Inspiring Person of 2006 Winners: The Amish of Nickel Mines, Pa..


Amish America

You are right on.

The example of the Amish was the most important part of this story.

Otherwise, it would have been just another school shooting.

There's an interview that came out a week ago with a Lancaster Amish couple, talking about the killing. It is haunting to listen to, and reveals alot about their mentality.

Here's a link:

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