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Children_of_men The Children Of Men is a futuristic Sci Fi type film which could be all too real. It is set in London in 2027 as society has deteriorated to the point where the population has been infertile for 19 years when a social activist group discovers that a woman is 8 months pregnant. Jack Garner, a film critic for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, wrote the following brief synopsis:

Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men is a taut cautionary tale of a future without children. It's set in a grimy London of 2027, an age that echoes both George Orwell and Blade Runner.

Society has somehow lost the ability to reproduce (presumably because of ecological issues, or perhaps it's a case of global stress). Whatever the cause, no child has been born for nearly 19 years, and the world has lost the ability to be hopeful about the future.

In the increasingly cynical age, crackdowns also have increased against illegal immigrants, by both government and vigilante outfits. Non-Brits are herded into cages and sent off to prisons and camps.

This film reminds me a bit of V for Vendetta, in that the repressive political policies of today are extended to their logical conclusion of police state totalitarianism.

This film, like V for Vendetta deserves a wide audience. Garner gives the film a 10 out of 10, and a film critic interviewed on similarly said it was the best film of the year. Unfortunately, it is not commerically produced and distributed so it will be seen by a small audience unless it gets broader recognition from receiving some awards.

I recommend it, and for Jack's whole review click on the link below.

Link: Democrat & Chronicle: Jack Garner.


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