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The Five People You Meet in Heaven, the film

The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a TV film made from a book by the same name authored by Mitch Albom and distributed in 2004. It is the story about an 83 year old amusement park maintenance man, Eddie, who was killed suddenly in a freak accident with one of the rides in the park broke and Eddie rushed to save the life of a little girl. Eddie goes to heaven but there are still lessons that he needs to learn before he can see God. There are five people who explain things to him about what his life was about.

Eddie always felt like he was a looser and his life amounted to very little. Over the course of his meetings, it becomes apparent that his assessment of himself and his worth, and the value of his contribution to the world is vastly under rated.

This movie is inspiring and uplifting. It gives us pause to consider the meaning of life and perhaps the purpose of our own. These are good reasons to watch this movie and perhaps discuss the story's implications with the ones we love.

I recommend this movie.

Link: The Five People You Meet in Heaven (2004) (TV).


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