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Shooter, the film

Shooter Shooter, staring Mark Wahlberg, is a military thriller about a Marine sharp shooter who gets called out of retirement to help the government protect the President only to be framed as the assassin, and who then, to save his life, goes on the lam in order to try to clear himself and restore justice in a government gone amuck.

It is an entertaining movie if you like this genre, but the more interesting observation is that the lesson of this film is that the United States government is corrupt, unjust, not to be trusted, only interested in money and power, and impotent to bring about any order and justice. What it takes for justice to occur is for a highly skilled, courageous, and morally righteous ex-soldier to take things into own own hands and kill the rogue politicians and government officials.

If popular culture is a barometer of the state of our nation, it is a frightening thing to watch these morality tales of what it takes to restore honor, justice, and competence to our National government.

This film is marketed as thriller entertainment, but embedded in its story is a very sobering message which a mature audience should pay attention to and address before our nation further looses its soul.

Link: Shooter (2007).


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