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Is the U.S. on the way to becoming a police state?

One of my favorite bumper stickers recently says, "I'm not afraid of terrorists. Don't create a police state on my account."

Americans seem ever more willing to give up their civil liberties for the promise of security. The REAL ID act was passed in 2005 requiring all Americans to have a National Identification Card. Eight states have so far passed resolutions opposing this program. Over the last eight years as we watch the fiascos in Iraq, in the management of Katrina, in the horrible governmental management of the immigrant situation, and the governmental corruption of Congressman Duke Cunningham and the firing of 8 U.S. attorneys by the Department of Justice, do you really think the Federal Government can fairly and appropriately manage and utilize a Federal ID program?

This joke would be funny if it were not so true.

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I'll still love you in the morning. The check is in the mail. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

A Federal Identification program is probably a bad idea whose time has not yet come. The ability of the Federal government to obtain and use our personal information legitimately and appropriately seems highly unlikely. The information can be easily accessed and used for nefarious reasons as we saw in Florida and Ohio when thousands of black voters where disenfranchised so Republicans could win in the elections. We now have electronic voting which is easily rigged and abused in many states, and can you imagine what they would do with National ID information?

Let your elected representatives know nationally and state-wide that National IDs are a bad idea.

Link: EPIC - National ID and REAL ID Act.


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