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Birth Control is Wonderful!

Teen_sexuality The Reverend Marlin Lavanhar, the senior pastor at All Soul's Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK, gave a wonderful sermon on April 29, 2007 entitled, "Birth Control Is Wonderful." He describes the relationship of religion and sexuality and gives a very wise view on how sexuality should be dealt with in our contemporary culture. This sermon should be listened to by every human being aged 13 and older. I highly recommend it to parents of pre-adolescent and adolescent children who have the primary responsibility of helping their children learn how to manage their developing sexual impulses. Click on the link below to go to the Digg web site where you can listen to the sermon.

Driving around Tulsa we can see huge billboards that read, "Birth Control is Harmful." These are countered by other billboards that say, "Birth Control is Easy." The first slogan and its implications are much more harmful than birth control itself. The second slogan is inadequate in its response to the first. There are enormous moral issues at stake in this debate and they require more than a billboard campaign. Sex is not a sin. However, religious dogmas that lead to overpopulation, increased poverty and the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (such as a ban on birth control) is a sin of deadly proportions. Religions that promote ideologies that inadvertently lead to suffering and death are much more harmful than religions that advocate for responsible sexual behavior. You may hear more about sex this Sunday than you have ever heard in church before. Well, at least more positive comments about sex.

Link: Digg - Birth Control is Wonderful! (All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa, OK).


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