Emotional abuse in borderline families is the worse abuse of all
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Communicating with people with Borderline Personality Disorder sometimes feels like being in the Twilight Zone

Delusional_communication Today, June 21, 2007, on the blog, Borderline Crazy, the author has a great article on borderline thinking processes which at times can be quite delusional. The writer likens the process as communications going through the borderline's black box which become misinterpreted and take on a delusional quality that leaves the communicator as feeling like he/she is in the twilight zone.

Today on my mind has been on the translations that communication goes through (I think of it as “the black box”) before it reaches the mind of a person with BPD. This may be a diagnostic feature not to be found in the DSM; if you find yourself often thinking you’re in the Twilight Zone (OR often wishing you had a tape recorder to replay what was actually said) when conversing with someone, I think chances are good you’ve got yourself a borderline. When I was growing up, I often thought, “Where did she get that?” I was always saying, “I didn’t say that” or “I didn’t do that,” but once her mind was set on something, then that’s what had happened.

The whole article is well worth reading which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Link: Borderline translations: the black box « Borderline Crazy.



Ahh, my BPD mother used to visit me once a month. Many times I told my partner how much I wish I could videotape her behavior, her tirades, and play it back for her. It probably would not have helped but having a concrete record of it might have made me feel better somehow.


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