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Water for Elephants, the book

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is a fun read. It was selected as the July read for Annie and Joe's book group at the Liftbridge Book Store in Brockport , NY. I enjoyed it.

Water for Elephants is the story told by Jacob, a 93 year old nursing home resident, about his running away with the circus in the 1930s after his parents died and he couldn't concentrate on his final exams at Cornell Veterinary College. Uncle Al owns and operates the Benzinin Brothers Most Spectacular Show On Earth train circus like the dictator of his own private feudal domain. The insider life of the circus "family" is filled with love, heart ache, treachery, and intrigue.

The novel is about more than just the circus though. The characters are well developed and I came to really care about them. The animals also have engaging personalities and they are an integral part of the story.

The creative tension comes from the characters becoming involved in difficult and at times almost insurmountable challenges and yet there is faith that somehow they can prevail.

This is a beach book. It is a light read. It is enjoyable. Take it to the beach, or on vacation this summer and you will escape your hum drum routine in more ways than one.


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